University of Auckland Faculty Representative

After my eighth selection as a class representative, I was elected by my peers as the overall Computer Science faculty representative. My role was to carry the Computer Science feedback to the semesterly faculty meeting and bring any critical topic back to the faculty for further discussion.

Leadership, Communication

University of Auckland Course Coordinator

In 2022, I was promoted to Course Coordinator for INFOMGMT192, adding both coordinating and managing the tutor team and serving as the primary point of contact for students to my previous responsibilities.

Leadership, Communication, Management, Problem Solving

Velocity Innovation Challenge

After a recommendation from a course I was taking at the time, I entered the Velocity Innovation Challenge, a contest for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a panel of judges to get feedback and basic funding. With MarkIt, I ended up winning the challenge, and was advised to continue development on what was possible a high-value idea.

Communication, Independent Development

MarkIt Prototype

When marking student's assignments as part of my role as a tutor, I realised that the usual marking process is generally quite inefficient. I created MarkIt to help me mark student's work, and plan to expand to a cloud version soon.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

University of Auckland Tutor

After my first semester, I was asked to become a tutor at the University of Auckland, assisting the lecturer and teaching in one lab session per week for INFOMGMT192.

Teaching, Google Sheets, SQLite, Database Design & ERDs, Data Visualization

University of Auckland Class Representative

In 2021, I was elected to be a class representative for four of my classes. In this role, I acted as a mediator between the students and the teaching staff, ensuring that complaints were heard and that good feedback was collected.

Leadership, Communication

Hoop33 Gym Software

After working on a mobile application for Hoop33's basketball league since the beginning of 2021, we switched focus to gym-oriented software, as the company's priorities had changed. This project combines a web-oriented program creator and a mobile application to allow simple program creation and viewing.

React Native, CSS, JS, HTML, Node.js, MongoDB

Website Design and Consulting Club

While at University, I decided to join the Website Development and Consulting Club. In this club, I have worked together with other club members on a website for the Auckland Student's Pool Club, which allows them to streamline registration for both memberships and events.

PHP, JavaScript, Google Sheets, Agile Methodology

University of Auckland

In 2021, I decided to attend the University of Auckland, studying Computer Science and Information and Technology Management. I plan to finish both degrees in 2023.

Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Youtube Marker

At the end of 2020, I finished a project that I had tentatively started during CS50x, YouTube Marker. The website is no longer up, but the project allowed timestamps to be added to YouTube videos with a keypress or the click of a button. These timestamps could be sorted into groups, saved as videos with an account, and turned into text for commenting.

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Flask, MySQL

SEO Copywriter

As my plans for University in 2020 didn't work out, I decided to take a gap year. To learn about some more fields that might interest me and make some money, I worked as an SEO copywriter for Chalk n Cheese Digital.

Arduino Model Trains

While still in the first lockdown period, I used my old Arduino parts from school and some model trains that I found while cleaning out my room to create a small model train set, complete with a custom remote and an algorithm to generate custom shunting challenges.


Harvard's CS50x

During the first COVID lockdown period, I decided to take Harvard's CS50x course, as my plans to head to the USA for college didn't work out due to the pandemic. During this course, we made several small projects while learning the foundations of programming.

C, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Flask, MySQL

Graduated Westlake Boys High School

At the end of 2019, I graduated from WBHS with three scholars awards and a 4.0 GPA. At this time, I was planning to accept an offer from RIT to go and study in the USA.

Calculus, Physics, English, Statistics, Basic Robotics

Space Shuffle

As my first proper project that wasn't related to either Minecraft or school, I wanted to create a mobile game. I built Space Shuffle on Unity using C# and their game creation engine.


Calculator Programming

While at school, I also figured out how to program games onto my calculator in CASIO Basic, including both snake and pong.


Learning C++

After learning parts of C++ in school, I was interested in learning more about the language. I made some small applications using C++ to learn more about how it works.


Arduino Robotics

In both 2018 and 2019, I took WBHS's equivalent of robotics, in which we used Arduino in projects such as a robotic arm and a parking sensor to detect cars.


Minecraft Plugins

My interest in programming and software development was first sparked in 2015 by way of Minecraft plugins. I enjoyed playing Minecraft and wanted to create custom game modes inside it, so I decided to learn parts of Java to do so.